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Synergy Consulting, Inc. (Synergy) provides a comprehensive suite of secure web-based services and tools that enable energy organizations, users and government entities to make intelligent energy conservation decisions. Synergy is a privately-held company founded in 1988, and headquartered in Portland, Oregon. At Synergy, Energy Efficiency experts and Information Technology professionals create and customize state-of-the-art information and document management tools to assist the decision-makers in assessing the value and relevance of conservation programs. The company's vision is to build on nearly twenty years of experience in the energy sector delivering world-class management information systems to energy efficiency stakeholders, regulatory and government entities alike. In 2007, the company is positioned to expand to meet a growing demand for relevant and verifiable conservation decision-making tools.


Synergy Consulting Inc., a leader in software solutions and service for Energy Efficiency and Renewables Industries.
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Our reputation is based on strong partnerships

Our winning approach pays off for you. Synergy specializes in highly effective project management, emphasizing customer participation at all stages of development. This team-oriented approach ensures that projects stay on schedule and that the resulting products meet every business requirement identified by the customer. Our experience providing service to government and electric utilities gives us a special perspective on your needs.

With Synergy, you get the benefit of 19 years providing solutions to companies and agencies just like yours. Hereís what some of our customers have said about us:

The NW Power and Conservation Council

We have had a number of contracts with Synergy over the past 19 years. In every case, they have delivered excellent products and excellent service for a reasonable rate.
Most recently, we contracted with Synergy to develop and implement the Conservation and Renewables Discount (C&RD) web site...We credit the success of that project in large part to the method of project management used by Synergy.
For the design process Synergy had put together a team consisting of staff from Bonneville, the Council and their own technical staff, and because of that we had solid agreement among all the parties about the new scope.
As a final testimony to the effectiveness of Synergy's approach, we have received numerous comments and compliments from Bonneville customers, the final end users for the C&RD web site. Users find the site easy to navigate, solidly built, and understandable. They also find the customer service provided by Synergy responsive, friendly and reliably effective at solving the problems that do arise.
We would recommend Synergy Consulting to any agency looking for a reliable and cost-effective partner in the development of any complex technical project like this one.

Bonneville Power Administration
Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) has had the privilege of working with Synergy Consulting, Inc. (Synergy) through our implementation of our Conservation and Renewables Discount program (C&RD).
BPA implemented the C&RD program two years ago and needed to develop a conservation savings and incentive reporting system. The complex issues of measures, savings and incentives required serious technical flexibility and understanding of Bonneville Power Administration programs, rules, decision processes and budget restrictions...
Synergy not only developed a very user friendly web based system in an extremely complex environment...but more importantly, implemented a system development process that saved money, reduced program tension, responded quickly to customer needs, kept the project on time and provided a long term record of exactly what we developed and what it really cost.
Another success is the project management tool (tasks matrix) developed by Synergy to track and prioritize the project tasks...The team knew exactly which task we were on every week and which were completed and required customer testing...They met every deliverable on time or ahead of schedule and within budget...Their service attitude has made every aspect of this effort better, more cost effective, and frankly more fun than other project of a similar nature.
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