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The efficiency measure information provided to utility staff via the C&RD site consists of technical savings and cost/benefit data on energy efficiency measures approved by Bonneville under the C&RD program.

These measures were developed cooperatively between the Council, Bonneville, and the Regional Technical Forum, an advisory committee established in 1999 to develop standards to verify and evaluate conservation savings for utilities and entities in the Pacific Northwest.  Measures contain technical and economic information generated by a model designed by the Council, and a credit, based on the value of the saved energy deemed for the measure and approved by Bonneville.
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Energy-efficiency measures fall into one of three categories: deemed, deemed-calculated or protocol: 
  • Deemed measures carry a pre-determined savings and credit value.  Utilities choosing to implement deemed measures do not need to provide any additional information on the achieved savings from the measures.  The savings is "deemed", agreed upon in advance by both Bonneville and their customers.


  • Deemed-calculated measures also carry a pre-determined savings and credit, but require the use of a calculator to select the appropriate level of credit based on certain additional parameters provided by the user.  The calculators appear automatically during selection and creation of measures.


  • Protocol measures involve large, complex implementations, usually in an industrial or large commercial setting.  To determine savings for protocols, the utility must request approval for the project from Bonneville and provide some additional information, such as  pre- and post-metering data.  The credit is then determined using a special calculator that rates the savings based on the value to Bonneville.


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