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Our technology platform is field tested

We have developed a scalable technology platform based Microsoft technologies that enables us to quickly meet your B2B information collaboration needs, with security, flexibility, and ease of use.  This platform has been in continuous use by over 130 Energy Companies since February 2001.

Our platform is a secure Extranet, specifically designed for the Energy industry, with a strong competency in management of energy conservation programs.  Our platform enables:


Synergy Consulting Inc., a leader in software solutions and service for Energy Efficiency and Renewables Industries.
Consulting Overview
Project Management
Requirements Definition
System Design
Software Development
Software Testing
Technical Support
Our software is designed for
your company

  • Management of multiple customers/partners

  • Secure sharing of information

  • Document delivery

  • Complex computations, tailored around energy savings programs

  • Comprehensive reporting

Software needs data and we’ve got it
If you need data for your energy project, Synergy can provide an industry-standard database of peer-reviewed energy efficiency measures.  This data was originally developed by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council in cooperation with the Regional Technical Forum, an advisory committee established in 1999 to develop standards to verify and evaluate conservation savings.
The database contains a broad range of relevant, peer-reviewed and standardized regional energy efficiency savings measures from compact fluorescent bulb replacements to complex commercial building retrofits. The majority of the measures offer “deemed” savings. For more complex measures, the database includes specialized calculators to produce savings and credit values.
Deeming the savings relieves the customer from having to provide costly monitoring and evaluation of each project.  The savings from reduced engineering and administrative costs significantly improves participation in energy savings programs.
Your data works with our software too!
If you already have a database that needs an effective, easy-to-navigate interface, we can work with you to integrate your data into the platform, and customize it to your needs.
We can tailor our solution to your existing infrastructure
We use standard architecture for reliability and compatibility, to coordinate with other programs already in use in your business.  We enable your company to gain the advantage of the latest technology developments without the cost of acquiring in-house expertise.
If our platform requires some modifications to meet your needs, our industry-certified developers  can work with you to customize our platform to meet your needs.
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