Professional Custom Development Services

Synergy leads the market place with complete development services, including business-to-business, business to consumer and client-server. We excel in application development, user requirements, and intranet and extranet capabilities.

First we listen, then we deliver

Synergy project managers will meet with you and your staff to learn about what you do, how you do it, and what you need to help things work more smoothly.  We know what kinds of technology we can use to build a solution for you, but we don’t just sell you on something because that’s what we know how to do.  Listening first means we can structure a product to match your unique business requirements, not the other way around.  We adapt the product to your business, rather than making you adapt your business to the product.

We understand the importance of controlling your cost

As a small business ourselves, we understand how hard you have worked to get your business running and what it takes to keep it in the black.  We won’t recommend a solution that favors our bottom line at the expense of yours.  If we can recommend an off-the-shelf product that can meet your needs without forcing you to compromise your existing processes, we will.  If we know how to solve your problem without the cost of a new product, we will.  If we can recommend a change in your business practices that will address your current needs without disrupting your successful operations, we will. 

Superior Technical Support and Training

Even the best products need an occasional upgrade.  Requirements evolve, infrastructure changes, new staff replaces old.  With the outstanding technical support and training offered by Synergy. you can adapt to changes quickly and with minimal disruption of your business.

Your problems become our focus

Here’s where Synergy’s methodology really pays off.  Because we invest the time and energy into learning about your business and the unique problems you face, we have the knowledge to zero in on potential causes without wasting time.

When you have a problem in your business, you need a timely solution that fixes the problem, doesn’t result in other problems and doesn’t disrupt other business processes.  Synergy’s attention to your business needs gives us the information and focus we need to attend to your problems promptly and efficiently. 

Our customers’ future is our future

You may have a business need that we can help you meet today, but we want to be around to see your business flourish in the future.  After we have built you a solution to today’s problem, we want to stay in the picture, offering on-going support to meet tomorrow’s challenges as well.  The investment we have made in understanding your business can pay off for both our companies.  New problems present less of a challenge to our engineers when they have an existing relationship with you and your company.


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