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In 2000, Synergy partnered with the NW Power and Conservation Council and Bonneville Power Administration to develop the initial design specifications for a web-based tracking and reporting system. The Council and Bonneville had recently cooperated in the creation of the Conservation and Renewables Discount program (C&RD), designed to promote energy-efficiency spending by Bonneville utility customers. 

The program aims to make energy-efficiency spending easier and more effective, and the web-based tracking system needed to further that aim by making the tracking and reporting of that spending easy and effective as well.    

The program, which utilizes our three-tier software technology platform, consists of a set of pre-approved efficiency measures from which utilities can select when offering energy savings programs to their retail customers. These measures carry a fixed credit amount that the utility receives as a deduction from their bill for wholesale energy purchases from Bonneville.

The application has three distinct components:

1.   The interface—an easily-navigated set of screen designed to guide the utility user directly to the desired energy-efficient measure.

2.   The data—measures containing technical and economic information generated by a model designed by the Council, and a credit, based on the value of the saved energy deemed for the measure and approved by Bonneville.

3.   The business rules—the C&RD program comprises a set of rules regarding the availability of credit for a variety of energy-efficiency efforts.

This project exemplifies the depth and breadth of Synergy's capabilities--using our innovative technology platform, with custom modifications to accommodate the client's needs, maintained with outstanding technical support and technology-based custom training.


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